Rachel Whittaker the owner of BraEasy

Over the last few years, I have chatted with so many people about their challenges dressing due to injury, illness or disability. It surprised me to find so many women who wanted to talk about this issue with dressing in the morning.  So many looking for something to help their mum who is in a nursing home and can't put on their bra independently anymore.  It crushes their confidence when they have to reach out and ask someone every day to help. I personally have had this impact my life with both my daughter and mother-in-law struggling to put on a bra.


The more women I talk to the more people I find that struggle to dress, struggle to undress and struggle with the lack of independence in doing so. When you have had no problem before and it suddenly becomes a problem that you can't deal with what do you do?

I know we all search for lifehacks to make our every day easier, but really how many lifehacks are there for dressing. They make a shoehorn to put on your shoes, which is great if you have a bad back. They make claws to help you pull up your pants again great if you struggle with dressing. People like Tommy Hilfiger have an adaptive range of clothing that helps a lot of people dress.  However, the only comments I see are negative because of the cost. When your only choices are so limited then cost really needs to be considered. The additional cost to put the function in these garments is a necessity for the functionality to work. 

Our bras are at a similar price point to other high-end products.  We are trying to ensure you get the most functional bra possible. So with that said, I apologize if for some people its not a cheap $20 bra from Target. But Target doesn't have an adaptive bra, Target doesn't have adaptive clothing for the most part.

Our product one day hopefully will be in Target so you can try it on and understand just how great it is. In the meantime, it will take time for us to build our stock levels to a point where we can get it at a better price point for you.

More importantly, we want our adaptive bra to be everywhere in the future.  So you can go to the shop you like and buy something that actually works for you.  We strive to make this product the best it can be. The most functional it can be and the most beautiful. Because you are beautiful and you deserve better.

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