12. Single Dad looking for your daughters first bra!

I know it's really tough to find your daughter her first bra. You don't wear one and you have little to no idea where to start to find one.

And I want to make it easy for you.  I know that this could be awkward and you need a solution. So where do we start?

Firstly we need to get measurements so we know what size to buy.  This is simple and we have another blog post that covers exactly how you need to measure.  Your daughter can help you with this and it won't be awkward.  Get a pen and paper and a measuring tape.  Once you have this go to the blog called how to measure your first bra. 

Click on this link


The details are easy to follow and as a team, you guys have got this nailed.

There is no reason for this to be awkward and your daughter is going to love the experience.

Once you have the size can I suggest you show your daughter the Jamie Collection? The reason why is that it is a simple bra which she will be able to put on. If you buy something really fancy as her first bra it might be a bit overwhelming. So let's keep the first bra experience simple.

Once the bra arrives let your daughter do the opening. If you put in the text on the order first bra we will do something a little extra for her.  Perhaps a nice note from you or postcard.  If you want this postcard just add it to your order for free.  We love that you're helping your beautiful girl become a woman.

Postcard Message from Dad

Keep up the good work dad, and if it's not to hard tell your friends of your experience.