14. We are crowdsourcing funds for our second design!

Hi everyone,

So our latest update is that we have created a crowdfunding campaign with pozible.

We are hoping to raise funds for our second design to be able to bring that to the market.  

Whilst we are waiting for our first design to arrive, we felt it was the perfect time to start on the second design which is named the Erin collection. 

It's exciting times to be able to work with so many people who have embraced our inclusive design philosophy.  

Never before has such a bra been available.  Our unique revolutionary product has been eagerly anticipated by all of those lovely ladies out there. 

I have been working on bringing this product to life for 5 years now.  And it is the passion and the driving force that gets me up every day. 

As part of our campaign, we have offered a discounted product in our rewards so if you are wanting to pre-purchase this is a great opportunity to support and purchase at the same time. 

I will be keeping everyone updated on a weekly basis and hope that we can raise the funds for the second design.  100% of the funds will go straight to the manufacturer. 

If we by some miracle we raise more than required, we are going to give away a bra to a supporter.  Yeap that's right If we over raise, we will pick someone from the supporter's list regardless of how much they donated and give them a free bra from whichever of the ranges they choose. 

If you could support us to bring this second design to the market for as little as even just $1.00 you could be part of this exciting time and:

  • Be a game-changer for women globally!
  • Help enable all women to dress with dignity regardless of ability!
  • Bring a better option to dress daily!

So spare a minute.  Check out our campaign. Share with friends and family and help us help you have a better dressing experience in the morning.