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Our bra is beautiful.  You don't need to ask someone else to help you put this on.  If you have broken your arm, your fingers don't work very well anymore don't worry our bra is for you.

Why aren't there more inclusive clothes? Why don't designers design for everyone?

These questions have me stumped. Does your favorite fashion house design for your needs, special or not. 

When I went looking for a bra for my daughter with a disability I couldn't find anything that she could put on. The options I saw I wasn't at all comfortable with.  Jamie, you need to put this horse collar on so you can put on a bra! Who has to say that to their daughter.  I get it was the only option, but I wasn't going to allow this to happen.  That's why I invented a better bra, an inclusive bra, an adaptive bra.

If we don't make a noise the designers won't understand that you are missing out. Missing out on a choice to dress how you would like to, missing out on the latest fashion trends, missing out on feeling the way you want to feel. 

Well, I refuse to let you miss out,  I refuse to design exclusively, I refuse to limit your options. 

Don't let exclusive design reduce your options, don't let it be ok.

#BraEasy #InclusionRevolution

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