Women with a measuring tape around her chest

There are two places to measure yourself for your bra.  It's super important to get this right. Otherwise, you will have your cup half full, this means you need a different bra.  So getting this right is vital to ensure your bra fits you properly.

1. Measure across your chest and around your back.  This will give you your cup size. Measure in centimeters that way you will match our sizing chart.

Measure your cup size by measuring around your chest and across your breast.



2. Measure your bra size

To measure your actual bra size you need to measure like below.  This will give you your bra size.  Measure in centimeters that way you will match our sizing chart.

Measure your bra size by measuring below your breasts and around your back


Ok so now what you say.  Well, now it's time to refer to our size chart.


Click on the link to check out what your size is

BraEasy Sizing Chart


That wasn't too painful now, was it?  We have added a great instructional video to help you with any questions.  


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