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Featured as a Side Hustle

Featured as a Side Hustle

When I started working for a group called Natural Selection they were interested in doing a side hustle piece of some of their workers.  So I got asked if I would like to do an interview on my business.  Of course I jumped at the chance.

Here is an excerp from that interview.

We don’t often (if ever) talk about bras here at Natural Selection Group and for those of us who wear them, we don’t often think about how we put them on – we just do.

Now,  think about putting on a bra one handed; adjusting the straps, hooking the clasp. Not easy right? This is a reality for many women with disabilities and finding a bra that is easy to put on, comfortable and looks good is not an easy feat. Meet Rachel Whittaker, apart from being an amazing Natural Selection Group contractor she is also the Founder and Creative Director of Bra Easy, a bra specifically designed to enable all women to dress themselves with dignity.

Rachel is a Project Manager, who we first placed at Bunnings in June. Rachel’s CV was so impressive, an interview wasn’t even required – the job was hers from the get-go and she has been kicking goals from day 1.

We're celebrating our contractors and what they do outside their traditional work commitments, so we caught up with Rachel to find out more about her inspiring Side Hustle.

If you want to read the full article check it out here.



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