News Flash!  Did you know that adaptive clothing is a growing trend in the fashion industry

According to the Adaptive Fashion Report , adaptive clothing is a growing trend in the fashion industry. 

Adaptive styles are changing to meet the demands of consumers who want more comfort and choice in the clothes they wear, as well as those with disabilities or medical conditions that can benefit from adaptive apparel. Adaptive clothing includes a range of garments that allow the wearer more freedom of choice. Adaptive clothing gives women the ability to adjust the fit, style, and shape of fabric according to their needs.

Adaptive clothing is not only designed for those with disabilities or medical conditions, it can also be worn by anyone who wants to look good without wearing tight-fitting clothes.

There are many types of adaptive clothing, but some of the main categories are adaptive formal wear, activewear, and adaptive underwear.

Adaptive formal wear is ideal for women who have limited mobility in joints such as hips, knees, and neck. Adaptive formal dresses come with detachable accessories such as sleeves, tie closures, or soft bands which enable the wearer to adapt the shape of a garment to suit their needs.

Adaptive activewear is designed for women who want to lead an active life but might have difficulty doing so because of a medical condition or disability that makes it hard for them to dress themselves.

Adaptive underwear provides women with more freedom, comfort, choice and support for women who lack it.

Adaptive fashion is growing in popularity because of the significant health, lifestyle,and self-esteem benefits it offers women of all ages. Women with disabilities or medical conditions such as arthritis or those undergoing chemotherapy often benefit from adaptive apparel because it is designed to look good and feel great without the need for fiddly fastenings. Adaptive clothing provides women with more choice in their fashion. Adaptive clothing is also growing in popularity among women who actively lead an active lifestyle, but maybe suffering from health issues which make dressing themselves difficult.

To be honest, I never really payed attention to Adaptive Fashion. The only thing that even slightly caught my attention was Adaptive Active Wear because I love to go hiking and camping! Adaptive underwear has also piqued my interest. Adaptive clothing is not just for people with disabilities or medical conditions or women who want to look good; Adaptive Clothing is also for women who lead an active life. I can definitely see where Adaptive Active Wear could be useful to anyone with joint stiffness or limited mobility in the joints like hips, knees, and neck. Adaptive underwear seems to be perfect for women who are not always 100% comfortable or just want more freedom of choice. Adaptive clothing has a lot to offer women, and it's pretty cool that Adaptive Fashion is becoming a trend.

Why an adaptive bra?

Adaptive bras are typically designed to provide women with more comfort and freedom than traditional bras. Adaptive underwear comes in a range of styles, which include soft cups, flexible underwires and softback bands. Adaptive bras are popular among women who suffer from various medical conditions or disabilities that make it difficult for them to dress themselves. These women often benefit from new technologies in adaptive bras, such as magnetic back closures, side openings, and front openings which make dressing easier. Adaptive bras provide women with more comfort and freedom than traditional bras, while still looking good.

Braeasy now has an adaptive sports bra that is soft and easy to put on. And the bonus is that our sports bra is the perfect training bra as well. Talk about versatility!

With all the changes to adaptive clothing today, I feel like we are going to see so many more fashion inclusion options to wear in the future. And it's about time don't you think?

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