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The Inclusive lingerie Design Party - BraEasy

The Inclusive lingerie Design Party - BraEasy

So what on earth are we talking about? Inclusive Party?

When I started looking for a bra for my daughter Jamie Lee I found it impossible to find something that she could put on herself.   We searched the internet for weeks with nothing that was simple or pretty. 

It seems if you have a special need you can only get bra's that are really not that pretty, and really not very functional without getting your self tied up in knots.  I felt that surely I was just looking in the wrong places.  We looked into every bra retailer page, we looked at adaptive clothing companies, we looked at the retailers who specialize in special needs clothing and nothing. 
Really no one has made a Bra for someone with one hand?  How do all those ladies who have been born with one arm or one hand put on a bra?  I must say I was amazed that no one had bothered to make something to help. 

So we made it ourselves.  I was brought up that if you can't find what you want make it.  Now I could have just made a bra for Jamie Lee and left it at that.  I could have made a bra for my mother in law who is 92 with arthritis and two frozen shoulders and just left it at that. I know it would have been easy to just do that.  However, after so much looking and searching for a solution I felt that someone needed to do this for all women.

I could see the gap in the market place, I had heard other women who had accidents complain about getting their partners to help put their bra on in the morning.  Which for them was both annoying and a bit embarrassing in some cases! 

So I decided to make a difference.  Make a difference to the ladies of the world who didn't have someone to help them, who didn't want to ask someone to help them.  And that's how BraEasy was created.  

I don't know if you need a specialized bra right now.  But I can guarantee at some point in the future you will need one.  
So when you hear your girlfriends talking about their problems with their bra please make sure you can tell them there are options now. Of course, our biggest problem is spreading the word.

We created this online store to assist everywomen. From one woman to another it really shouldn't be this hard, should it! 

Check out our online store and see if there is a Bra that you have been looking for.  I am sure you can see we have made the first four collections very simple to try and give you your everyday options. 

We can get a bit fancy when we grow later.  Thanks for your time. Let's get inclusive in our fashion so that every woman can feel her best.

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