What's my bra size? USA

We know just how important getting your size right. CM or INCHES just click on the view that suits you. If your not sure how to measure yourself just click on the arrow in the How to Measure section below.
This guide will help you to make sure you have your right size bra for the most comfortable fit.


A measure yourself across yours breasts. B Measure yourself under your breasts.


A. Measure across your chest and around your back. This will give you your cup size.

B. Measure your band size you will need to measure across your upper ribs just under your breasts and around your back. This will give you your band size.

Measure Your Size

1. Select your Bra and size by placing and order.

2. Select Cash On Delivery and the invoice will be sent straight to your email.

3. This can then be given to your provider for payment.

4. Once the payment has been recieved we will ship your order to you.

See Easy!

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