Short sleeve Modest Sport Swimsuit

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Don't let your modesty hold you back from enjoying a day at the pool! With this Short Sleeve Modest Sport Swimsuit, you can have the best of both worlds - coverage and style. This beautiful two-piece swimsuit comes in a range of colors to suit your taste, and is perfect for those who want more coverage from their swimwear. The short sleeves provide additional coverage for your arms, while the modest skirt ensures that you'll feel comfortable and confident in the pool. Whether you're swimming laps or just enjoying a leisurely day by the water, this suit is sure to keep you feeling great all day long. So don't let modesty keep you from enjoying a day in the sun - grab a Short Sleeve Modest Sport Swimsuit and make a splash!

Follow our simple instructions and get your perfect fit.

To start we need to take some measurements.

You will need: 
  • a measuring tape,

  • a pen or pencil

  • and a piece of paper

    Great alternates are to use your IPAD or mobile phone to capture your measurements.

    There are two places to measure yourself for your bra.  It's super important to get this right. Otherwise, you will have your cup half full, this means you need a different bra.  So getting this right is vital to ensure your bra fits you properly.

    A. Measure across your chest and around your back.  This will give you your cup size. Our bra sizing chart is in CM and Inches.

    B. Measure your band size you will need to measure across your upper ribs and around your back. This will give you your band size.

    A Measurement is your cup size and B measurement is your band size

    Note: Many women don't take the time to check. I know for a long time I didn't bother. The trouble is you wear the same bra for so long that it stretches. Leaving you with the idea that your bra size hasn't changed. When in fact your bra size has changed and then when you order a new one from the same brand in the same style it isn't as comfortable as the one you were wearing before.  Take the time to measure. Check the measurement charts of the brand you are purchasing from. Just in case they are different.  Because that happens too.


    So now what?  Well, now it's time to refer to our size chart.

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