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Is your mum struggling to put on her bra. Mine too! - BraEasy

Is your mum struggling to put on her bra.  Mine too! - BraEasy

Let me tell you my story.

Recently my mother in law aged 88 (she doesn't like me to tell anyone that so shh) had a fall.  She was of course doing something she wasn’t supposed to and tripped over her own slippers.
She now has a frozen shoulder and with her arthritis in her hands its getting really hard for her to get dressed in the morning and the evening. 

She of course was too proud to tell us that she struggled to put her bra on or take it off for that matter, until one day she said "I need to buy a new bra, the other ones I have are too hard to put on".

So we travelled around the shops with the wheel chair whilst she struggled to choose. Finding the only thing she thought might be better (which it wasn't), I thought I will give her one of my samples to try.

When I gave her our new BraEasy bra she was delighted.  "It looks nice" she said, I wasn't sure if she was just being nice or if she really liked it. 

Over the next week she mentioned that its her favourite bra.  "The fabrics are soft and comfortable. The straps don't fall off her shoulders anymore, and it's so easy to put on and take off".  I can see she is happier. 

Now she is asking when she can have another one.  Cheeky thing she is.   I know she really does like it.  Proof when the other bra's went in the bin.  "I can't use those anymore" she said to me.

You wouldn't think that such a simple garment can make so much of a difference in someones life.  But it did and still does to this day!  It's nice to see her happy again.
I'm looking forward to the day when everyone can have one of our BraEasy Bra's.

What colour would you want to buy for your mum?

p.s Please don't tell her I told you how old she is.  I would never hear the end of it.

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