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When you see headlines like this from Target you get excited! Adaptive Clothes!

target not so adaptive jeans

Design for all The adaptive clothing collection is design-engineered to fit the needs of more women.

I got so excited to see this headline in Target

And then I noticed there was just two images of pants. 🤨

I'm confused. Do you have adaptive clothing for women?  Or just two pair of pants?

Design engineered to fit the needs of more women.  That's inclusive and thats everything my brand stands for.  There were some of the questions on the site!

Q: How do these jeans make it any easier "specifically for people with disabilities who find it difficult to dress independently?" I am very interested in the entire adaptive line you are selling.

submitted bymnak 1 year ago
  • A: Hi mnak - Great question! These jeans are designed with flattened seams to help reduce pressure points, along with wider legs and a snap closure for dressing ease. Check out the 'Item Details' section for more information. Thanks for checking out our Universal Thread™ collection! - Alli
    submitted byAlli — 1 year ago

Q: What does "Adaptive" mean in those jeans?

submitted byDvivster 2 years ago
  • A: Hi Dvivster - Thanks for asking! Adaptive apparel is designed specifically for people with disabilities who find it difficult to dress independently or those with sensory issues who are sensitive to certain textures, tags, or materials. Have a great day! - Philip

So the questions were on the jeans.  With a button and a zipper?

I know a lot of women who can't do this.  Zippers and a normal button. 😤

Are companies claiming adaptive clothing based on fabric now? Not easier to put on! Not any different to other jeans we have now. At least they aren't more expensive that the regular ones.

Who have you noticed is starting this trend in their online shop?  Inclusive not so much!

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