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The Only Bra Style Guide You Will Ever Need

The Only Bra Style Guide You Will Ever Need

There are a million and one different types of bras. Well, maybe not a million, but there are a lot! And each type of bra serves a purpose. Whether you're looking for support, enhancement or just something to keep your girls in place, there's a bra for that. So how do you know which one is right for you? Keep reading to find out!

First, figure out your breast shape. Understanding your breast shape is key when choosing a bra because it will help you determine what type of support and coverage you need. So how do you know if you're full on top, even, or bottom heavy? Here are some ways to identify which breast shape is yours:

  • If the fullest part of your breast is at the top, you may be full on top.
  • If the fullest part of your breast is at the bottom, you may be full on bottom.
  • If the fullest part of your breast is near your armpit, you are even.

Next, determine how much coverage you want in a bra. There are two types of bras- pushup and non push up. Push up bras have padding sewn into the cup to "push you up" and create cleavage where there may be none. Non push up bras have no or very little padding so they tend to fit more true to size.

Finally, determine what type of support you want in a bra. Wireless bras are free of underwires, which means they're great for comfort, but not much else. If you're looking for light support to keep things in place, stick with wirefree or lightly wired bras. For medium support without all the padding, choose lightly lined bras. For maximum lift and plenty of padding, choose bras with underwires and at least light padding.

So there you have it! Once you've determined your breast shape, the type of coverage you want, and the amount of support you need, try some on for size. Most stores offer free bra fittings to help make sure you get the correct fit. And if they don't, you can always call and ask them what they recommend.

Oh and one last thing before we go: if your bra doesn't fit, it's time to get a new one! Bras stretch and wear out over time so it's important to stay on top of replacing them regularly. The rule is every 6 months or so- so get shopping!

*This article is sponsored by BraEasy We thought we'd give you a little extra help in figuring out the anatomy of your lingerie and how to choose the right style bra for you.*

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