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We have dealt intimately with Cancer for years!

We have dealt intimately with Cancer for years!

When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age nine. We looked to the medical professionals for help. They were telling me she might not be able to have surgery to remove the brain tumor it might be too big. That would give her only 6 more precious months to live.

However as she had no residual effects after her seizures they took the risk and agreed to surgery. It took over 5 years and multiple surgery's and treatments to get the final all clear.

It was THE most traumatic time in all our lives. Being a parent of a child with cancer is a roller coast of emotion and horror. I wanted Jamie to live a long and happy life. So when she was 15 I realised that the stroke she suffered during surgery impacted her ability to put on a normal bra. Being that she really only had use of one hand.

This was the start of our journey to invent a bra that was inclusive and relevant in today's world.

We now have a Bra Company with a difference. By removing the fact that not all women could use two hands to put a bra on we took a giant leap to invent a better bra. A more inclusive and beautiful bra.

Cancer affects so many people. Reach out to your loved ones because you never know who will be there tomorrow for you.


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