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Adaptive Clothing Starts with a Bra!

Adaptive Clothing designs and options are finally growing.  Whether you have a permanent disability or just  a temporary one. It has an enormous impact on the way it changes our lives. We are a 100% NDIS Approved Provider.

We understand those challenges. When woman face these issues on a daily basis designers need to address that things happen causing you to not be able to put on your bra. Do you have an impairment, a disability temporary or or a more permanent disability or even suffer from a chronic illness affecting your ability to put on your bra? 



Chronic illness (or diseases) are often conditions that are life long and have no cure. These include conditions such as arthritis, Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, etc. Generally managed with medication and other supports, a chronic illness can develop at any age, but is more likely to develop in those over the age of 65.  This impacts your ability to put on a standard bra.   

 Physical disability is a condition or impairment that affects a person’s mobility, dexterity, physical capability, and stamina. Acquired or congenital (born with), physical disability can be permanent, meaning no or limited change to the impairment, or temporary (see temporary disability). Physically disabled people may need the use of mobility aids, medication, and care to live their lives independently.


Or even a temporary disability. Like a broken arm or a frozen shoulder or even a broken hand.


All of these conditions affect your ability to dress independently.

You can be assured that with our innovative adaptive bra you can put it on with just one hand and take it off with just two fingers.


Does this sound like you?


"First all - I LOVE the concept! Absolutely love. I damaged my wrist 18 months ago, and for 3 months my husband had to help me get dressed. As an incredibly independent person, this killed me inside!!" 

"Recently broke my shoulder and this would have been awesome."  

"My sister had a stroke 20 years ago and can only use one arm, I am wondering if she could use NDIS funding to purchase.?" 
"I’d have killed for this after my surgery. My surgery had a few adaptive products I could buy before my surgery - this would have been GOLD." 
"I had a frozen shoulder for two years and could so have done with this. Xxx" 
"I love this idea!! I broke my clavicle last year and ended up spending 6 months in recovery (bra-free). This is an actual issue I don’t think a lot of people consider! Go you!! "

 girl in a white bra

Start looking at adaptive clothing designers. You wont believe the options you have out there. Even Tommy Hilfiger has an adaptive clothing range now. 

Our adaptive bra is perfect to start your day simply. Independent living options are out there,  Check out our beautiful adaptive bra to start your day.