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Why Disability Representation is Crucial to Building a Better, More Inclusive Fashion Industry

Why Disability Representation is Crucial to Building a Better, More Inclusive Fashion Industry

As the fashion industry continues to grow, it's important that we work to include people of all backgrounds and abilities. Inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense. A recent report by The Guardian found that women with disabilities are a massive untapped market in the fashion industry. They estimate that this market is worth $200 billion globally! So why aren't more fashion designers including disability in their designs? One reason is that women with disabilities are not represented in the fashion industry.

This lack of representation has a huge impact on women with disabilities who want to shop for fashionable and functional clothes. Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard for women to find clothing that fits their unique body type. Many women with disabilities also struggle to find clothes that are comfortable and easy to put on.

Last month, women with disabilities were finally represented at New York Fashion Week for the first time in history! The women who walked the runway weren't models from modeling agencies, but women of all abilities who wanted to show off their unique style and share their stories. These women were ambassadors for disability representation in the fashion industry, and they showed the world that inclusion is possible.

If you want to learn more about disability representation in the fashion industry, check out these resources:

- The Guardian: Why 2019 was a landmark year for disabled fashion | Fashion | The Guardian


Here is a great article we found in VOGUE. Yes Vogue.

Why disability representation is crucial to building a better, more inclusive fashion industry

Grazia: ‘We Deserve To Feel Part Of Fashion’: How Can Inclusion And Normalisation Of Disability In The Fashion Industry Actually Happen?

Medium: Are you represented? | Fashion and disabled bodies | by Vivian Elora Li | GBC College English — Lemonade | Medium

Inside Retail: Fashion for people with disabilities celebrated at Australian Fashion Week

TeenVogue: Why Disability Representation in Fashion and Hollywood Needs to Be More Inclusive

We need more women like these ambassadors to break down the barriers that keep people with disabilities out of the fashion industry. We need designers, stylists, and retailers to start including disability in their designs. And we need consumers to demand more inclusive fashion. So let's start changing the fashion industry for the better, one design at a time!

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