Here is jamie (a stroke survivor) to show you how to put it on with one hand!

The World famous bra you can put on with one hand and take off with just two fingers.

You need a bra that works for you and is comfy All Day long!


If you want to get the latest BraEasy designs, don't forget to sign up.  No one else has our World famous BraEasy designs.

Adaptive Lingerie doesn't need to be ugly! Don't you want an easy bra?

Don't you want to wear something that works for you?


BraEasy is adaptive, beautiful, and so so comfortable.

Yes, we have tried to make it looks like any other bra!  But it's not!


We use super soft high tech fabrics, with velcro like you have never seen or felt before.  Velcro so soft you won't even know it's there. 


This bra is the latest innovation in bra technology, it feels so soft and is super comfortable all day long.

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The OT Magazine UK

The OT Magazine UK

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