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Recommended By The National Disability Insurance Scheme Australia

Do you have a self managed plan Or are plan managed? You can feel safe knowing we are recommended by NDIS.  The only bra you can put on using just one hand!  And take off with just two fingers. 

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Adaptive Lingerie doesn't need to be ugly! Don't you want an easy bra?

Don't you want to wear something that works for you?

BraEasy is adaptive and beautiful and so so comfortable.

And it looks like any other bra!  But it's not!

We use super soft high tech fabrics, with a velcro like you have never seen before. 

The velcro is so soft you won't have that scratchy feeling.

This highly engineered bra feels soft and is comfortable all day long.

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Empowering Women

Our Promise To You

Our promise to you is that you can put this bra on with one hand and take it off with just two fingers.

There is no left hand or right handed sides.  Both sides open easily with Velcro. 

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