Meet The Team at BraEasy


CEO and Creative Director

  • Inclusion Advocate
  • Bra Designer - The first bra you can put on with one hand and take off with just two fingers.
  • Mother of a daughter with a disability.

As  a mother I only wanted the best for my daughters.My youngest daughter had a stroke during surgery to remove a brain tumour when she was just nine years old.When she was 15 I realised that because of the stroke she wasn't able to put on and take off a bra.After searching for years and finding nothing, I invented a bra that worked. It had to be beautiful and it had to be functional.Other options don't cater for you to be able to put it on with one hand easily.We I have invented is changing women's lives across the world. This is what BraEasy is all about. Making the world a better inclusive place for all woman.



Head of Sales

As a father of a daughter with a disability. I realised that my mother could also benefit from this new bra. My mother at 90 had a fall and the injury she sustained meant it was hard for her to put on a bra with a frozen shoulder. We gave my mother a bra that should could put on with one hand. She loved it and told us often what a fantastic product this was. 


#1 Product Tester

Hi I am Jamie-Lee, because of my stroke getting dressed with buttons and zips and even hooks can be a real struggle. This new bra is fantastic because mum made it so I can put it on myself. I don't need to ask for help. I love my independence why wouldn't I want a bra that I can put on that's beautiful. Independence is a beautiful thing!