Let's check out what size is right for you.

Follow our simple instructions and you can make sure you select your perfect fit.

To start we need to take some measurements.

You will need: 

a measuring tape,

a pen or pencil

and a piece of paper.

Or you can use your IPAD Or mobile phone notes are good too.

    First we need to measure under your breast to find your band size in centimetres.


    Women with a tape measure around her body and under her breasts wearing a bra.


    OK now write down that number, that's your perfect band size.

    Next, You need to measure around your breasts, we are going to find out your cup size in centimetres.

    Women with a measuring tape around her body across her breasts.

    Now this is your cup size.  Write that number down too.


    So now we have your band size and your cup size you need to check on the chart what would be your perfect size. 

    Click on this link to go to the BraEasy Bra Size Chart in centimetres 


    select it in the main menu under Home.