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Why you should check your bra size before you buy!

Which is why so many women want to rip off their bras as soon as they get home.

Research shows that a bad fitting bra can cause problems like:

  • Back problems
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Skin abrasions caused by chafing and rubbing
  • Deep groves in your shoulders
  • Can lead to breast skin damage as well as stretch marks due to lack of breast support.

And its reported that up to 50% of women are wearing the wrong size.  For these reasons women decide to take drastic measures and get a breast reductions.

Taking a little time to make sure you have the right size bra for you will:

  • Give you comfort all day long
  • Not dig in to your shoulders
  • Improve your posture so you don't get a sore back or neck
  • No skin abrasions because rubbing isn't ok.

Why not check your size before you buy so you don't have any of these issues.

Their are so many different bras in the marketplace it can be confusing as to which one to buy. A woman's breasts change size and shape many time during their lives. So checking your bra size is so important.

It takes a small amount of time to ensure that you are wearing the right size for you right now.  Click on the How to Measure tab above for easy instructions to check your size.

Don't forget to do your breast check on a daily or at least on a weekly basis to ensure you can identify any changes in your breast tissue.  If you notice any changes make sure you see your doctor for advise.