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I am an arm amputee and need a bra I can put on

Caeleigh In a White bra

Do you have a Limb Difference and need a bra you can actually put on?

We know just how hard it can be to struggle putting on a bra. My friend Caeleigh photo above told me about how she had to put on a bra with only with hand. It would take 5 minutes to be able to put it on. The bras wouldn't last long because of the way she had to stretch them to put them on.

When I approached Caeleigh about our product she went into her room. Took her other bra off and put ours on in under 1 minute.   She had no explanation of how to put it on. She just worked it out.  As soon as she came out she said " I want to be a brand ambassador for this product. It's amazing!"

Caeleigh is one of hundreds of thousands of women who before BraEasy struggled to put on a bra. Spent lots on bras because they wouldn't last.

Now Caeleigh has her BraEasy bra's, she actively promotes to her limb different friends because it has changed her life. 

We are passionate about this life changing product, it was invented because of life changing events in our family. 

Millions of women struggle to put on a bra due to injury and illness and age. Why not try something that makes your life easier.👀 Reduces the costs of buying bras that don't work for you.😍 Be able to dress in the morning quickly and easily! 😁

BraEasy is here to support your girls with our BraEasy bra.

If you're looking for a bra you can put on with one hand and take off with just two fingers then look no further try a BraEasy Bra today!.


At BraEasy Fashion Vs Function means you don't to choose

Fashion needs to work for you, not the other way around.  We believe that inclusive design is vital in all our bras.  Getting dressed shouldn't be hard work!

You CAN have a bra that is both functional and fashionable.

women holding a sign No women left behind. Inclusive Lingerie Design


How do you put it on?  Here is Jamie to show you how!