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Kate Bra with Velcro ®Brand fasteners

$33.15 Regular price $35.00
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  • Great Training Bra
  • Underwire Free
  • Side Openings
  • Great Sports Bra


Our Amazing Adaptive Sports Bra!  We called her Kate. 💘

We wanted you to have the best sports bra around that was easy to put on as well. So you don't have to work out to get dressed before your workout has even begun!

This product is not available in stores and can only be purchased online from BraEasy.

Check out the latest BraEasy bra to hit your workout routine with you!  Supporting you whilst you work out with our amazing features all wrapped up in an Adaptive Sports bra.


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Kate Bra with Velcro ®Brand fasteners

$33.15 AUD Regular price $35.00 AUD

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Ramona Bennett

You all sent me the wrong size!!! Plus I ordered 2 and only got 1!!!!’ Please send other one and the correct size, a DD