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You don't need a bra assistant to put on a bra with one hand!

Three girls in bras. One in a wheel chair, one with a limb difference. Vogue in title to look like a magazine

I'm sure many of you have looked at what option are out there for you to put on a bra with one hand. 

It's posts like these "The Bra Assistant, for a woman with a hemiplegic arm. Just put the lanyard around your neck, clip the bottom clip to your pants, and attach the side clip (facing the affected side) the bra. Then pull it around to hook, all with one hand. I made this with items in my house, no cost out of pocket." with uncomfortable contraptions that made me invent a better bra to start with.

I get that you can put this function for you with no out of pocket expense but really who would want to.  Why wouldn't you want a bra that actually works for you!

I have searched far and wide for a bra you can put on with one hand.  The aids that women have used are an amazing feat of ingenuity which is born from necessity.

Buy this easy comfort bra. Are you kidding they aren't what they seem when you read the reviews!  I have researched this topic for years. The options are awful, the contraptions that women have had to make are a great short term solution to a problem that has plagued us for years. As a woman, I have invented something that addresses this problem.  No more do you have to invent a contraption buy a contraption or put up with just awful. 

When you design a bra for women that works. That's a better bra than others in the market. That actually supports your girls and is comfortable and easy to put on then you have helped all the women out there who struggle to dress and just want something that works for everyone.


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val watson

Where can I buy one please?

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